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Get your hands on something that nobody else has. But not just any something; not some crummy piece of custom jewelry, clothing, none of that. You can have a totally unique lamp.

This design, appropriately named the Folding Lamp, will be a one-of-a-kind light fixture because it’s basically sent to you as a blank slate. You take your pre-scored, uber-thin slice of steel (0.8mm, in fact), and fold along the dotted lines in any manner that makes you smile; then add your lighting. The result is essentially lamp origami.

I personally think that any steel origami would be quite the conversation piece in a home. The lighting makes it particularly interesting and beautiful. With the bulb added, light leaks through the creases and spaces around your newly created fixture. It is quite stunning.

A little koo-koo for cocoa puffs? Yeah. But maybe that’s what it takes to have an artistically furnished abode. Depending on the price, this could be a really fun item to purchase. The only thing is, I fear I’d be the one to screw up while folding the plate. With my luck it’d be completely unsatisfying and completely irreversible. [Yanko Design]


The latest laptop in Sony Korea’s LJ series, VGC-LJ25L, comes equipped with a tiny, fold-in keyboard that should make tight fits a breeze.

Overall, the laptop has an unconventional appearance; it looks more like an LCD screen with a panel attached (that panel being the keyboard). In reality, that’s just about correct.

Stats include a 15.4-inch LCD wide screen, built-in camera, microphone, speakers and woofers, Core 2 Duo processor, 2GB RAM, and 200GB HD space. Not too shabby. Still, one wouldn’t buy this machine for the components, but rather, for the design.

I do have some immediate concerns, however, just judging by what visual information I have. One,wouldn’t this be sort of difficult, or at least uncomfortable, to hold in your lap? And two, the screen; if I’m not mistaken, this design leaves half of the pc uncovered and unprotected. We all know what that means, and what a shame it would be with such an aesthetically-pleasing device. [Aving USA]