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The latest laptop in Sony Korea’s LJ series, VGC-LJ25L, comes equipped with a tiny, fold-in keyboard that should make tight fits a breeze.

Overall, the laptop has an unconventional appearance; it looks more like an LCD screen with a panel attached (that panel being the keyboard). In reality, that’s just about correct.

Stats include a 15.4-inch LCD wide screen, built-in camera, microphone, speakers and woofers, Core 2 Duo processor, 2GB RAM, and 200GB HD space. Not too shabby. Still, one wouldn’t buy this machine for the components, but rather, for the design.

I do have some immediate concerns, however, just judging by what visual information I have. One,wouldn’t this be sort of difficult, or at least uncomfortable, to hold in your lap? And two, the screen; if I’m not mistaken, this design leaves half of the pc uncovered and unprotected. We all know what that means, and what a shame it would be with such an aesthetically-pleasing device. [Aving USA]


LG’s “Bikini” touchscreen phone has officially hit Korea, boasting some attractive but familiar features.

In essence, the Bikini [appropriately modeled by lovely ladies in their skivvies] is reminiscent of the legendary iPhone in that it has replaced physical navigation buttons with virtual ones. However, unlike the iPhone, LG’s mobile has not completely made the leap; it still utilizes a slider form and dial pad.

Nonetheless, the Bikini makes a worthy attempt at accommodating the increasingly large number of functions of which a cellphone is capable. InteractPad, as the virtual-button-feature is being called, is said to be more accurate, simplistic, and flexible than typical navigation systems. Fluidity and ease should come naturally when these virtual keys’ functions change depending on what it is you’re trying to do.

Aside from the phone’s major attraction, InteractPad, several other components help to create a practical, if not extravagant, device for use. It comes loaded with an MP3 player, FM radio, video recorder, Bluetooth, and 3 mega-pixel camera. Buyers have two color options; wine red and black.

Now, I’m only left with one question: Why is it called the ‘Bikini’ ?  [Aving USA]

Designer Laurent Corio has come up with a way to ditch the status-symbol cup and graduate to an adult drinking apparatus; an apparatus by the name of “To Go”. Yes, it may look like a shroom, and yes, it appears to hold about a shot’s worth of liquid. But hey, what price wouldn’t you pay for class– anytime, anywhere.

Yeah, I probably definitely still wouldn’t use it. But it’s an amusing design to observe, nonetheless. And at least somebody’s thinking; we can’t use sippy-cups forever.

You can drink your coffee leisurely, elegantly sipping from your cup then resting it on its saucer. If that isn’t working for you, the saucer becomes a lid, allowing you to hit the road. The saucer contains a small hole, of course, for your drinking pleasure.

Bottom line, this phails; for me, anyway. Every concept can’t be perfect. But again, someone is trying. I don’t see anyone else coming up with anything. What do you guys think? Hit the comments. [Laurent Corio]

Actually, it was later discovered that the material was not composed of Demigods’ tears, but rather, amino acids. The nanostructured blood-stopper is still awaiting FDA approval, as well. Nonetheless, our scientific leaps proceed to fascinate and horrify me. I’m more certain than ever that we will, inevitably, destroy ourselves. Or dominate the government of every surrounding planet in the solar system; yes, you too Pluto. Possibly both.

At any rate, this stuff is very cool. It is poured right onto the site, at which point it transforms into a gel and stops bleeding almost immediately.The first use will appear in the operating room, where surgeons and their attendants typically spend an unfortunate amount of their time just managing bleeding. Instead of using the sponges, cautery, and precious minutes doing that, medical professionals will be able to apply the substance and focus on the procedure. You don’t end up with gauze accidentally left inside of you, your doctor won’t be sued, you don’t bleed to death, your doctor won’t be sued, you don’t suffer horrendous aftereffects as a result of a prolonged surgery, your doctor won’t be sued, everybody wins.

Outside of surgery, this could decrease the need for transfusions and the like, too. At some point, this miracle liquid could be administered by first responders to save lives in emergency scenarios and battlefields. With its long shelf life, it may even appear in first-aid kids someday, though further testing is required.

For those of us wondering about the potentially catastrophic side effects, breathe easy. The material doesn’t even have to be removed from the body, as it is easily broken down. As we speak, manufacturing processes are being developed to yield large quantities of it. [Technology Review]

So you’re familiar with the ultra-cheap laptop that looks like Shrek; OLPC’s XO. Soon, the crew in that line of work may be getting a break, courtesy of the desperate Microsoft.

“I’m prettier than Linux!” frantically screams Microsoft. For ultra-low cost computer manufacturers, Windows XP Home Edition will be offered at a big, fat discount. Think $26-$32.

Of course, there are limitations. Microsoft has to be careful not to tamper with the mainstream PC market, which is running Vista. To benefit from Microsoft’s attempt to beat out Linux, firms must be producing super cheap PC’s with 10.2 inch screens, HD capacities at 80GB or under, a max of 1GB RAM, 1.0GHz single-core processors, and no touch-screens.

However, it would seem that taking the bait on this hurts the overall cause– to create ultra-cheap computers. Adding something like Windows XP would jack up the price. After all, Microsoft’s competitor is…free. [ComputerworldUK]

The whole “parents are home, hide the evidence” bit is a little overplayed. What about the opposite?

The guys are here, the girls look foxy, and your place is…totally lame. You’re heavily considering what action you’ll take now that your reputation is completely, irreparably smashed. The doorbell is ringing. It’s time to make a decision.

Thank God you have an emergency party button. You press the button; crisis averted. Around you fall the perfect party settings; the room is dim, the laser is shooting about, the music is willing your impressed guests to dance and enjoy the night. And take their clothes off. Congratulations, Mr. Spontaneous Party Demigod, you’re a hit.

Basically, this guy wanted his very own big, red button to press, upon which something dramatic would occur. The image of Austin Powers’ pad comes to mind, and voila, the Emergency Party Button is born.

It involves a computer, script, and the token red button. Its designer has the minimalistic box controlling things like the fog machine, blinds, ceiling lights, music, and laser in a timed sequence for maximum soiree effect. This fantastical device isn’t for sale, as it was simply a fun project for individual use, but it did set the guy back about $634.

You can find specific details about the button, as well as a video of it in action, here. Happy instant-partying. [Emergency Party Button]