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Actually, it was later discovered that the material was not composed of Demigods’ tears, but rather, amino acids. The nanostructured blood-stopper is still awaiting FDA approval, as well. Nonetheless, our scientific leaps proceed to fascinate and horrify me. I’m more certain than ever that we will, inevitably, destroy ourselves. Or dominate the government of every surrounding planet in the solar system; yes, you too Pluto. Possibly both.

At any rate, this stuff is very cool. It is poured right onto the site, at which point it transforms into a gel and stops bleeding almost immediately.The first use will appear in the operating room, where surgeons and their attendants typically spend an unfortunate amount of their time just managing bleeding. Instead of using the sponges, cautery, and precious minutes doing that, medical professionals will be able to apply the substance and focus on the procedure. You don’t end up with gauze accidentally left inside of you, your doctor won’t be sued, you don’t bleed to death, your doctor won’t be sued, you don’t suffer horrendous aftereffects as a result of a prolonged surgery, your doctor won’t be sued, everybody wins.

Outside of surgery, this could decrease the need for transfusions and the like, too. At some point, this miracle liquid could be administered by first responders to save lives in emergency scenarios and battlefields. With its long shelf life, it may even appear in first-aid kids someday, though further testing is required.

For those of us wondering about the potentially catastrophic side effects, breathe easy. The material doesn’t even have to be removed from the body, as it is easily broken down. As we speak, manufacturing processes are being developed to yield large quantities of it. [Technology Review]