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You probably already know that unplugging your electronics is a good way to shave costs. Regardless of having a gadget turned on, just being plugged in sucks power and runs your bill.

This is becoming fairly common knowledge, thus, you’d expect no less than for someone to come up with a better way to do it. Maybe it doesn’t bother you, but just throwing cords on the floor isn’t the most aesthetically pleasing thing in the world. Depending on just how clumsy your household is, it could also be dangerous, as well.

Minor annoyance, meet simple solution. Paulo Oh designed an outlet that will hold onto unplugged cords for you. The appropriately named Hang On Outlet is equipped with an extra shelf that is notched to secure plugs. Unplug ’em, slip ’em in, save. This is an easy way to be energy-smart while keeping your area neat.

Of course, if you’re looking to save trouble, this won’t get you there. You’ll still have to bend down and physically unplug things when you aren’t using them. Also, I don’t know about you guys, but every outlet I’ve ever had is vertical. This horizontal setup wouldn’t work out too well for me. I mean sure, you could just rotate it (in theory), but then you’re facing cords bent at sharp and awkward angles. It’s just something I’m anal about, as it’s bad for the wiring.

The Hang On Outlet is still a concept at this point, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we see a release of something along these lines in the near future. [Yanko Design]


No, seriously. Wine in a can.

Here’s the deal. Some Swedish designers got together (booze involved, debatable) and created a can with the sole purpose of holding wine. I wouldn’t doubt one bit that it was a complicated and expensive process. So they’ve accomplished that, clearly unsatisfied with wine glasses and bottles, and now they wait at Just sit and wait for hits.

Can for your wine?

Any takers? You can put your wine in it!

We already designed it. Did all that work for you.


They are “currently looking for investors”. I know there’s a market for everything but…well, the empty webpage speaks for itself. [Wine-Can via OhGizmo!]

I write important tasks on my hand all the time, with whatever pen is available to me. Typically, I worry just a bit about getting some sort of crazy ink poisoning from doing so. What a fate that would be. Even when I’m not sweating a terrible, embarrassing death, my lists are always messy. That just drives me bananas.

Now, that minor inconvenience has a solution. You can pick up a 12 pack of ToDo-Tattoos for $3.50 and be on your way. The concept is simple enough; the ToDo tat is a blank list for you to apply to your skin like any other temp (but much cooler). A safe, washable marker is provided for you to use while filling in the lines of the day ahead.

If this tattoo is anything like other temporary tats, it could be a real bargain. I don’t know about you guys, but my stick-on butterflies and Lisa Frank characters always hung around for several days. If that’s the case, I’m sold. These babies would peak the curiosity in everyone around me; the conversation-starter is an extra bonus, no? My only issue with this product is how patronizing that image is; do you really expect me to believe anyone writes that neatly? On their own skin? I think not. [ToDo-Tattoo via Popgadget]

Get your hands on something that nobody else has. But not just any something; not some crummy piece of custom jewelry, clothing, none of that. You can have a totally unique lamp.

This design, appropriately named the Folding Lamp, will be a one-of-a-kind light fixture because it’s basically sent to you as a blank slate. You take your pre-scored, uber-thin slice of steel (0.8mm, in fact), and fold along the dotted lines in any manner that makes you smile; then add your lighting. The result is essentially lamp origami.

I personally think that any steel origami would be quite the conversation piece in a home. The lighting makes it particularly interesting and beautiful. With the bulb added, light leaks through the creases and spaces around your newly created fixture. It is quite stunning.

A little koo-koo for cocoa puffs? Yeah. But maybe that’s what it takes to have an artistically furnished abode. Depending on the price, this could be a really fun item to purchase. The only thing is, I fear I’d be the one to screw up while folding the plate. With my luck it’d be completely unsatisfying and completely irreversible. [Yanko Design]

Designer Laurent Corio has come up with a way to ditch the status-symbol cup and graduate to an adult drinking apparatus; an apparatus by the name of “To Go”. Yes, it may look like a shroom, and yes, it appears to hold about a shot’s worth of liquid. But hey, what price wouldn’t you pay for class– anytime, anywhere.

Yeah, I probably definitely still wouldn’t use it. But it’s an amusing design to observe, nonetheless. And at least somebody’s thinking; we can’t use sippy-cups forever.

You can drink your coffee leisurely, elegantly sipping from your cup then resting it on its saucer. If that isn’t working for you, the saucer becomes a lid, allowing you to hit the road. The saucer contains a small hole, of course, for your drinking pleasure.

Bottom line, this phails; for me, anyway. Every concept can’t be perfect. But again, someone is trying. I don’t see anyone else coming up with anything. What do you guys think? Hit the comments. [Laurent Corio]