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Category Archives: Custom/Individual

Get your hands on something that nobody else has. But not just any something; not some crummy piece of custom jewelry, clothing, none of that. You can have a totally unique lamp.

This design, appropriately named the Folding Lamp, will be a one-of-a-kind light fixture because it’s basically sent to you as a blank slate. You take your pre-scored, uber-thin slice of steel (0.8mm, in fact), and fold along the dotted lines in any manner that makes you smile; then add your lighting. The result is essentially lamp origami.

I personally think that any steel origami would be quite the conversation piece in a home. The lighting makes it particularly interesting and beautiful. With the bulb added, light leaks through the creases and spaces around your newly created fixture. It is quite stunning.

A little koo-koo for cocoa puffs? Yeah. But maybe that’s what it takes to have an artistically furnished abode. Depending on the price, this could be a really fun item to purchase. The only thing is, I fear I’d be the one to screw up while folding the plate. With my luck it’d be completely unsatisfying and completely irreversible. [Yanko Design]


The whole “parents are home, hide the evidence” bit is a little overplayed. What about the opposite?

The guys are here, the girls look foxy, and your place is…totally lame. You’re heavily considering what action you’ll take now that your reputation is completely, irreparably smashed. The doorbell is ringing. It’s time to make a decision.

Thank God you have an emergency party button. You press the button; crisis averted. Around you fall the perfect party settings; the room is dim, the laser is shooting about, the music is willing your impressed guests to dance and enjoy the night. And take their clothes off. Congratulations, Mr. Spontaneous Party Demigod, you’re a hit.

Basically, this guy wanted his very own big, red button to press, upon which something dramatic would occur. The image of Austin Powers’ pad comes to mind, and voila, the Emergency Party Button is born.

It involves a computer, script, and the token red button. Its designer has the minimalistic box controlling things like the fog machine, blinds, ceiling lights, music, and laser in a timed sequence for maximum soiree effect. This fantastical device isn’t for sale, as it was simply a fun project for individual use, but it did set the guy back about $634.

You can find specific details about the button, as well as a video of it in action, here. Happy instant-partying. [Emergency Party Button]