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Be Smart. Be productive. Be informed.

Always practice safe hex.

You know the cyber athletes– If there’s a fresh robotics article, they’ve read [analyzed, and rewritten] it. When Microsoft makes a move, they’re the first to tell you about it. Not only do they know every detail about the new cell phone projector, they’ve tested it. In fact, just yesterday the same dude[ette] mastered the art of flying (with Python, of course).

Maybe you’d really love to be this person. Still, the limited hours in your day combined with the psychotic amount of content on the net pose a problem. No matter how much you want to know what a carbofibrousmegamolecule is, you just don’t have the time. Or patience. Mostly, the patience.

Sound familiar? No problem. Safe Hex beautifully simplifies the whole process, weeding out the boring and cutting the time it takes to stay current in the tech world. Other blogs may be different, but here, I don’t even waste your time by calling myself “we”. I’m the only author here; screw the middleman. What’s the point, right?

So go ahead, Mr. Moderately-Versed-But-Still-Socially-Active-Gadget-Guy; read up and put some of the latest gizmo news in your pocket (save it for later). Then what? Get on with your life– the way nature intended.


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