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LG’s “Bikini” touchscreen phone has officially hit Korea, boasting some attractive but familiar features.

In essence, the Bikini [appropriately modeled by lovely ladies in their skivvies] is reminiscent of the legendary iPhone in that it has replaced physical navigation buttons with virtual ones. However, unlike the iPhone, LG’s mobile has not completely made the leap; it still utilizes a slider form and dial pad.

Nonetheless, the Bikini makes a worthy attempt at accommodating the increasingly large number of functions of which a cellphone is capable. InteractPad, as the virtual-button-feature is being called, is said to be more accurate, simplistic, and flexible than typical navigation systems. Fluidity and ease should come naturally when these virtual keys’ functions change depending on what it is you’re trying to do.

Aside from the phone’s major attraction, InteractPad, several other components help to create a practical, if not extravagant, device for use. It comes loaded with an MP3 player, FM radio, video recorder, Bluetooth, and 3 mega-pixel camera. Buyers have two color options; wine red and black.

Now, I’m only left with one question: Why is it called the ‘Bikini’ ?  [Aving USA]


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